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Purino Party


Frontwing's "Innocent Girl" and Pure Girl" games have become a puzzle game!
Clear the puzzles, and get sexy CG featuring the cute girls!




On your journey around the world, you arrive in a strange town where the better one is at puzzle games, the more popular they will be. There, you meet a girl named Kei Atorizuka, who sets you up to live at a dorm with other cute girls.
Do you think you'll be able to win the hearts of your fellow dorm mates by completing puzzles?


  • pure girl
  • Yogiri Kuchifusa
  • Sora Hoshizuki
  • Miyako Kanadome
  • Suzu Mekami
  • innocent girl
  • Kagari Ayashiro
  • Hinako Nanami
  • Konoka Mido
  • Kanae Ohsaka


Character Select Screen

Once a girl is chosen at the character select screen, the puzzle game will begin. After clearing a stage, a special scene with the girl previously selected can be viewed.
When you finish reading a girl's story, you'll unlock a new piece of cute and sexy artwork. All art collected can be viewed in the gallery at any time.

Puzzle Screen

It's time to explain the rules of Purino Party!

To put it in a nutshell, the goal of the game is to gain a specific amount of points within a certain amount of time and turns.

For example, in order to clear this stage with the conditions currently displayed, you would have to obtain 200 points using a maximum of seven turns.
The current amount of points obtained is 35.

Points can be obtained by lining up three or more jewels of the same type, vertically or horizontally.

Jewels can be dragged with the mouse anywhere, vertically and horizontally, but each drag has a ten-second time limit, so be careful! Use that time to line up as many jewels as you can to rack up lots of points!

Once you've moved the jewel, you might get more of them to disappear as well. When this happens, you set off consecutive matches, and the points get mutliplied for each one. Even if the jewels stop cascading, you still have a chance! If any additional jewels that fall down match up, they will still count as part of the chain.

Each girl has a specific jewel she likes more than others.
When you clear out jewels that the girl you're playing with likes, you'll get a point bonus. Try and figure out which jewel corresponds to which girl for yourself!


About This Patch

This patch enhances the adult-oriented features of the Steam version of Purino Party.
Specifically, it expands the variety of CG images you can unlock to view in the Gallery section.

Please be aware that regardless of intention, altering the game files in any way for the purpose of sharing screenshots or videos of the added adult content to the Steam Community for this game may constitute a violation of Steam Terms of Service, and can result in the suspension of your account; we strongly advise against any attempt to do so.

Frontwing cannot guarantee the functionality of this patch for all computers.

Furthermore, Frontwing is not responsible for any errors or damage that may result from the use of this patch.Your use of this patch signifies your agreement to these terms.

The adult content in this game was created to conform to the ethical standards of Japan.

Please do not make use of this patch if doing so may violate any relevant laws or regulations in your country of residence.



Romance Simulation/Puzzle
Operating System
Windows Vista/7/8.1(excluding Windows RT)/10(excluding Windows 10 Mobile)
CPU / Intel Core 2 Duo and above
Memory / 1 GB of RAM
Graphics / GeForce 8600GT
CPU / Intel Core i3-2120
Memory / 4 GB of RAM
Graphics / GeForce GTX 280
An HDD with at least 1GB (1024MB) of free space
1280 x 720 pixels (16:9)
A sound card that supports DirectSound
A video card that supports DirectX9.0c and above
MMX required (Compatible with SSE2)
Mouse, keyboard, or equivalent input device
(Not compatible with touch screens)

*If the graphics are not displayed correctly, please update your drivers to the latest versions.
Adults Only
On Sale
June 23 2016 (In Japan time zone)


Executive Producer
Ryuichiro Yamakawa
Art/Character Design
nanaca mai
Yuhi Nanao
Banya Izumi
Yoshikazu Kuwashima
Ryoto Morisaki
Eiji Narumi


Insert Song
Vocals KOTOKO & Hiromi Sato
Music & Arrangement Junpei Fujita(Elements Garden)
Guitar:Nozomu Kanow
All other instruments & programming :Junpei Fujita
Mixed by Teturo Takeuchi
Directed by Junpei Fujita
Recorded at ARIA Studio
Sound Produced by Elements Garden
Production Management:Asami Suita(ARIA entertainment)

「Art as ♥」
Music & Arrangement Junpei Fujita(Elements Garden)
Guitar Nozomu Kanow
Violin Daisuke Kadowaki
All other instruments & programming :Junpei Fujita
Mixed by Hisayoshi Kondo
Directed by Junpei Fujita
Recorded at ARIA Studio
Sound Produced by Elements Garden
Production Management Asami Suita(ARIA entertainment)
Ending Theme Song
「Everlasting Memories」
Vocals Ayumi.(Astilbe × arendsii)
Lyrics Yoshikazu Kuwashima
Music & Arrangement ARM(IOSYS)