In her dreams, Michiru Matsushima is a popular idol who wears cute outifts, sings beautifully and is loved by young and old alike... much like the legendary Kazuki Kazami she aspires to become. In real life, Michiru is an idol as well, though she's completely unknown.

In those dreams lies a dark and dingy underground bar, where Michiru performs live for only a handful of listeners. Barely able to make ends meet, she goes through the same old routine every single day.

Then one fateful night, as she walks the empty streets alone on her way back home, Michiru spots a shooting star in the sky. Before it disappears, she makes a wish: for her to hurry up and become a real idol.

However, the shooting star that crashes down on her turns out instead to be a magical cat called Nyanmel, hailing from the World of Magic. It was sent to deliver a message to Michiru—she must become a Magical Girl in order to save the world from destruction.